Medifast is a diet plan that has been out there since early 80s. This is not just another meal plan that you are on without seeing any result. Due to the length of time the product has been out there in the market, we can tell that the diet plan works.

There cannot be any confusion arising about its effectiveness if we analyze some data. When we look at the facts and read other Medifast reviews, we see that this weight loss plan has been recommended by over 15,000 physicians so far since inception. Not only that, this meal plan has been clinically proven at John Hopkins hospital to work as an effective weight loss plan for people with type 2 diabetes.

A research result based on a 34 weeks weight loss study showed that diabetic patients on Medifast meal replacement plan lost twice as much weight that other subjects on standard weight loss plan.

It appears that Medifast Plus for Diabetics has the right amount of nutrition for diabetic patients which at the same time allow diabetics to lose weight. So if you are diabetic and want to lose weight, you know Medifast diet plan is the right plan for you.

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